Child Custody Battles : 3 Tips for a Smooth Process

Custody battles can get nasty quickly - but they don't have to. Here are three tips to help keep emotions in check throughout the process..

1. You Need Time

Prenuptial agreements can be complex, require due diligence of both parties, and are not something to take lightly - they are not something that should be drafted on your "wedding-eve." In order to make sure your prenuptial agreement suits your needs, be sure to give your attorney plenty of notice. Adequate time to prepare the prenuptial agreement is a crucial step in ensuring the outcome you want.

2. There Should Be Representation for Both Parties

A key aspect of prenuptial agreements often overlooked by clients is making sure both parties retain legal counsel. Although not required by law, retaining separate counsel by both parties can better ensure your rights are protected and may help down the road in case there is ever a dispute.

3. Prepare a List of Assets and Liabilities

If you want to save some time throughout the prenuptial agreement process, do your homework. Before you have your first meeting with your attorney, prepare a comprehensive list of all your assets and all your liabilities. It's always smart to err on the side of "over-inclusion" --- your attorney should let you know if something on your list isn't necessary.

Julianne C. Smith, Esq. is a family law associate at the Weiner Law Group LLP, located in Parsippany, NJ. She dedicates her practice entirely to the area of Family Law, including divorce, custody, parenting time,child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution. She offers free family law consultations at her Parsippany, NJ office.

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